Continuous flight auger piles (CFA) are cast-in-place piles, using a hollow stem auger with continuous flights. With a range of powerful, high capacity equipment available Keller provides this service throughout Australasia.

Common Uses

  • Provide structural support
  • Provide earth retention

Technical Details

The auger is drilled into the soil and/or rock to design depth. The auger is then slowly removed with the drilled soil/rock as concrete or grout is pumped through the hollow stem. The grout pressure and volume must be carefully controlled to construct a continuous pile without defects. Reinforcing steel is then lowered into the wet column. The finished foundation element resists compressive, uplift, and lateral loads. Originally introduced to address saturated unstable ground conditions, modern CFA equipment represents a cost efficient foundation solution in most soil conditions.  Pile depths in excess of 40m and up to 1200mm diameter are achievable.