Global Strength and Local Focus

Us at-a-glance

In 1860, German-born Johann Keller formed what would later become a world-leading company.

Since then, our expertise and successes have seen us grow into a global organisation further strengthened by strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Keller Pty Ltd brings together the collaborative experience of the entities previously known as Piling Contractors, Vibropile, Frankipile and Keller Ground Engineering, which have operated with specific products and services across the Australasian building and construction markets for many years.

Keller has developed a reputation built on extensive knowledge of the nations geotechnical landscape, engineering excellence and a commitment to continual innovation.

The combined operating capabilities offered by Keller umbrella allows us to offer structural foundations, retaining wall and ground engineering solutions utilising the widest range of techniques. Our risk management and relationship based approach to project design and delivery will ensure we deliver successful outcomes for all parties that interact with our business.

Keller has the financial strength, resources and design and construction expertise to package solutions and meet client requirements in all sectors including building, mining, energy and infrastructure. Our extensive fleet of specialised major piling plant and drilling machinery is supported by modern maintenance and workshop facilities across the nation.

Being part of the connected global group of Keller companies we have access to a worldwide knowledge network that ensures the world’s best geotechnical engineering capability is available to our local customers.

The capabilities offered by Keller include structural foundations, retaining wall and ground engineering solutions. Keller maintain a strong, well trained local workforce, with an uncompromising commitment to HSEQ industry best practice.